Acquisition in digital printing

Stop the press

We are very proud to announce the acquisition of an important participation in the digital printing center named Le Communicateur (located in Montreal). This company joins P3F and BDK (digital branding) to offer a complete range of services to its clients.

Le Communicateur is one of the largest digital printing centers in the region to offer the Xerox digital printing platform. Over time, the team has added several other specialized equipments to offer unique solutions to the market. Located in a 15,000 square foot complex, the location still has good potential for expansion.

Although we live more and more in a digital world, paper printing is still a communication medium that will always be present in our lives. Our association allows us to offer complementary digital solutions and even automation solutions to companies that use the center’s services.

We would like to thank Martin Déry for inviting us to take a stake in the company he founded 28 years ago. Our association will allow a better synergy of our different teams and we have several projects on the drawing board. Martin has been an innovator in the field by developing a digital printing system that automates conventional printing processes.

Le Communicateur
8320 Pl. de Lorraine
Anjou, QC H1J 1E6
(514) 388-2220