First digital creative studio

A studio to our image

A few days ago, work began on our first digital creation studio, which will be located in Mirabel between the industrial district and Alençon. The space, home to the P3F and BDK teams, includes over 2,000 square feet and will be dedicated to digital creation in all its forms.

“Our goal is to create a unique environment for our clients to meet in a highly creative environment while putting forward new digital solutions. A workshop at the studio will be a great opportunity for you to discover the new projects we are working on and give you a better overview of our possible solutions. This space also ensures a better synergy with our two teams” said Marco Prud’Homme, President of P3F and BDK.

Art + Digital

In addition to containing co-working spaces, a meeting lounge, a conference room and standard amenities, the space will display numerous physical and digital artworks to stimulate the imagination and the creative senses. The studio will offer an inspiring atmosphere of collaboration. The space also overlooks the forest while being beautifully lit.

After spending several years at the International Mirabel Airport, we are happy to soon be able to move our team “among the people” and give you better access to our team and our studio, just a few steps away from a large number of restaurants to allow us to continue to interact with our clients.

Work has started and the move is scheduled for early 2023!

Follow the progress on our social media : @p3fca