My website is online… And now what?

Congratulations on getting your website online, this is a very exciting step!

However, the work doesn’t stop there. To ensure the impact of your business online, you must continue to optimize and develop your digital presence. At P3F, we are here to help you achieve your goals and maximize your online impact.

Search Engine Optimization

How to improve your website’s visibility on search engines? What do I need to do to rank in the top results?

SEO will have already been discussed during the creation or redesign of your site and the best practices in terms of SEO are deployed. Now that the keywords are in place, you need to continue to generate quality content in line with your SEO strategy.

Performance monitoring

How to measure and analyze the results of your website? What are the key indicators to follow? And most importantly, can I track the performance of my various online visibility activities?

We’ve identified your KPIs, now are they being met? An analysis of your performance indicators is necessary after a few months following the launch of your website. Adjustments can then be made either on your website or on your marketing efforts elsewhere.

Traffic generation

What are the different strategies to attract qualified visitors to your website? How do you maximize the impact of your online marketing efforts? Where are your potential customers? Where are they looking for your services? How are they looking for your business?

The importance of standing out on the web goes beyond a beautiful website and now it’s time to drive traffic to the site. Initiatives such as Google Ads campaigns and/or digital campaigns on social networks are excellent options for achieving conversion goals.

Automation & modernization

What is the next step in your digital development? How do you continue to innovate? Have you thought about web apps?

Beyond the website, have you thought about where you place digital solutions within your daily operations? Tools such as custom web applications can automate processes and allow you to dedicate time and resources to tasks that grow your business.

P3F offers a full range of services to optimize your website’s visibility, measure its impact and improve your online presence and lead generation. #OneStopShop

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