Google Analytics 4 – The new version of Google Analytics is coming!

An extraordinary tracking tool, Google Analytics is a data analysis tool that allows website and mobile application owners to track and analyze data related to user activity, performance of their initiative, and more!

The new version will now offer:

  • A deeper understanding of your audience and more precise segmentation;
  • Closer tracking of your events and leads;
  • Information on web engagement and real-time data;
  • Enhanced privacy and intelligent learning.

However, please note that your current version will expire soon!

P3F recommends that everyone plans to migrate to the new version to ensure optimal transition of all tracking tools, data, and integrations, which would otherwise be lost.

What do you need to know?

What: Plan your upgrade
When: By July 1, 2023
P3F: We’re here to help!

P3F has developed several flexible support plans for all our clients, ranging from a comprehensive website analysis for overall optimization to a simple upgrade support.

A member of the P3F team will contact you shortly if your account needs to be updated. If you have any questions or concerns, P3F is here to help you transition and optimize your use!