P3F integrates ChatGPT and Vertex artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is among us, and is becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives, as well as within companies. A firm believer in the power of this technology to automate and optimize processes, P3F has set up its first AI project in collaboration with Nolinor.

A successful collaboration

It all started with a thorough analysis of Nolinor Aviation’s specific needs, before proposing solutions to automate the processing of SGS reports. Chat GPT and Google’s Vertex categorization tool were selected as the AI tools to be implemented.

By combining our expertise with Nolinor Aviation’s drive for innovation, we were able to implement artificial intelligence into their incident report management. The system now generates recommendations that contribute to the continuous improvement of flight operations and the optimization of a department’s time and resources. This new solution automates a large part of the SGS report processing process, speeding it up by 25-50%!


Report processing has always represented a significant workload for our team. We worked with the P3F agency to analyze our ways of doing things and propose concrete solutions to automate a large part of the process with the integration of different AI solutions. The new solution enables us to process reports faster and more efficiently. As a bonus, the system now produces recommendations that we can draw on to further improve our flight operations and strengthen our safety culture.” said Olivier Richer, Director of Safety Management Systems at Nolinor Aviation.

The collaboration has been so beneficial that plans are already underway to add further AI-based functions to Nolinor’s system, paving the way for even more ambitious projects. This is just the beginning!